Scene Boat Parties are coming to a waterway near you.

We have been producing large boating events for over 20 years and we are now going to be hosting parties all over the world.

The Chicago Scene Boat Party is the most talked about boating event in Chicago. People come from all over the United States and from around the world to attend. The Chicago Scene Boat Party started in 2000 and has been the largest power-boating event every summer in Chicago.  It’s the Lollapalooza of boating events with boats, music, and a lot of beautiful people. We plan to bring our incredible events to other cities around the world starting this year.

Why Scene Boat Party

Each year 500-1000 boats tie up with over 10,000 attendees experiencing the incredible event. All of the boats are privately owned by some of Chicago’s most prominent, and successful professionals. Boats of all shapes and sizes come out to the event and every one is loaded up with people ready to have a great time.

In addition to our boat party that takes place on Saturday, we make an entire weekend out of our events. We have a pre-party on the Friday night before the main Boat Party, a land lovers party on Saturday, and a Post party on Sunday, all at local bars and restaurants in the area.

This party is the most incredible event ever to occur on Lake Michigan. Chicago’s top DJs spin the hottest music as people dance and party all day long. The “A” List people of Chicago come out every year to enjoy the event.

Every weekend in Chicago hundreds of boats come out to Chicago’s Favorite anchorage spot called the “Playpen”. They anchor break-open cocktails and dive into the water for a great refreshing swim. But on one special day each summer all of the boats come together and tie up in long lines of boats that can have up to 100 boats all tied together.  Perfect strangers tie up next together and party all day long many become lifelong friends due to this chance meeting.

When it comes to boating events our recipe for success in having an incredible and very memorable event is at the top.

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For more information about the event, please reach out to Ted Widen at 312-587-3474